[TOP] 10 Chinese food for gourmet cannot miss

[TOP] 10 Chinese food for gourmet cannot miss

Chinese cuisine has undergone more than 5000 years of formation and development. Each dish contains the chef’s heart, which is an important part of Chinese culture. So what is special about Chinese food, where is the best place to eat Chinese food in Hanoi? Let’s explore the article below.

Explore the essence of Chinese cuisine

Chinese cuisine is famous not only in Asia but all over the world. Chinese food restaurants are present in many countries to serve diners. The dishes here are extremely rich and varied from ingredients to processing methods.

The cuisine of each region has its own characteristics. Can be mentioned as the spicy taste of Sichuan food; Shandong food is mainly fried and grilled with eye-catching colors; Zhejiang food usually doesn’t use grease…

The common point of Chinese food is the extremely attractive and eye-catching colors with the harmonious combination of many different ingredients.

Ăn đồ ăn Trung Quốc tại Hà Nội ở đâu?
Experience Chinese cuisine in Hanoi

TOP 10 signature dishes in Chinese cuisine

Referring to Chinese food, it is impossible to mention dishes such as noodles, rotten tofu, egg yolk dumplings, roasted duck, etc.

Truong Tho noodle 

Longevity noodles are a very typical Chinese noodle dish. This dish was born 300 years ago in Zhejiang.

Longevity noodles often appear on Tet or birthdays. The meaning of this dish is to wish for good health and long life, especially for the elderly.

Mì trường thọ là lời chúc sức khỏe dồi dào
Truong Tho noodle likes a wishes for health

Egg Yolk Dumpling

China is very famous for its dumplings, also known as buns. Among them, egg yolk dumplings are a very special dish.

The crust is soft and spongy, and the filling is viscous, with a characteristic sweet taste of salted eggs and condensed milk. The taste of the dish makes you eat it once and you will remember it forever.

Bánh bao kim sa món ăn được ưa chuộng ở nhiều nước trên thế giới


Another dumpling dish that you can only find in Chinese cuisine is Xiao long bao. The special feature of this dish is the rich, melted meat soup. The crust is made very thin but does not spill water during the steaming process.

Tiểu long bao - đồ ăn Trung Quốc Hà Nội được nhiều thực khách lựa chọn

Clay grilled chicken

Chicken is well seasoned, stuffed with spices such as ginger, and lemon leaves in the belly. Before baking, the chicken will be wrapped in a layer of foil and a layer of clay.

After cooking, the chicken is fragrant, imbued with delicious and irresistible spices. If you have tasted it once, you will not be able to forget the taste of this dish.

Gà nướng đất sét được tẩm ướp gia vị đậm đà

Chinese Fried Rice 

Duong Chau fried rice is quite like fried rice in Vietnam. However, this dish is combined with more ingredients, including Char Siu, sausages, peas, and sweet corn… to create a colorful dish.

Cơm chiên Dương Châu là đồ ăn Trung Quốc phổ biến nhất tại Việt Nam


An indispensable dish in any Chinese restaurant is dumplings.

Dumplings symbolize luck and union. It is often served as a breakfast or appetizer at parties. There are 2 ways to prepare dumplings including steaming or frying.

Dumplings have a soft, chewy outer shell. The filling is made from many different ingredients such as vegetables, shrimp, meat, fish, etc. Each type of dumpling will have its own unique taste, delicious and irresistible.

Sủi cảo là món khai vị phổ biến tại các nhà hàng nhà hàng đồ ăn Trung Quốc

Mapo Tofu

Mapo Tofu is a typical dish of Sichuan cuisine. Soft, fatty tofu, blended with the signature spicy sauce, combined with chicken thigh mushrooms, and minced shiitake mushrooms. This is a dish that is very suitable for winter because the spicy flavor can dispel the cold.

Đậu sốt Tứ Xuyên mang hương vị cay nồng

Peking Duck

Peking duck is one of the pride of Chinese cuisine. It deeply expresses the culinary quintessence of the Chinese people.

The cooking method is very unique. Duck meat with dark yellow skin, subcutaneous fat is removed. When eating, you can feel the crispy skin, the meat inside is soft, imbued with spices.

Vịt quay Bắc Kinh là món bạn không nên bỏ lỡ khi muốn trải nghiệm đồ ăn Trung Quốc Hà Nội

 Kung Pao Chicken 

Kung Pao Chicken or Cung Bao chicken is also a dish not to be missed when enjoying Chinese cuisine.

The main ingredients to make this dish are peanuts and chicken breast. There are also many other spices such as minced garlic, red pepper, fresh ginger, and green onion. All blend together, creating an unforgettable flavor for the dish.

Ăn đồ Trung Quốc ở Hà Nội không thể bỏ qua món gà Kung Pao

Wonton noodle

In addition to dumplings, Chinese cuisine is also very famous for noodles. Wonton noodles in China include fresh noodles and fresh wonton balls, rich in Char Siu meat.

Wonton filling is made from minced meat, seafood, and vegetables. The broth of the noodles is sweet and sweet bone broth. All blended together to form an irresistibly delicious taste.

Mì hoành thánh là một trong số những món mì nổi tiếng nhất của người Trung Quốc

Experience signature Chinese taste in Hanoi

Chinese cuisine is very popular in Vietnam. Therefore, there are many restaurants serving Chinese food.

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