About us


1. Introduce about Dolce

1.1. General information about Golden-plated hotel in Hanoi 

Dolce by Wyndham Hanoi Golden Lake is a new luxurious contemporary classic 5-star hotel in Hanoi, Vietnam. As the very first Dolce hotel in Asia, we aim to transform every moment with our guests into extraordinary opportunity to inspire them. Whatever you need to enhance your stay – to create, to innovate, to learn, or to grow – let us be your muse.

1.2. Location

Located beside Giang Vo lake, B7 Giang Vo, Ba Dinh district, Hanoi. 

The system of 342 rooms, 08 standard meeting rooms, a golden infinity swimming pool, a Fitness room with modern equipment, and 03 restaurants and bars with diverse menus is the interference between Asian and European cuisine. Dolce by Wyndham Hanoi Golden Lake owns a lavish design, a spacious balcony with impressive views of poetic Giang Vo Lake, many delicate gold-plated motifs and equipment with the highlight of a 24K gold bath, Each room is a royal space, where visitors are immersed in the magnificent golden palace. Proud to be the first 5-star hotel in Hanoi, Dolce by Wyndham Hanoi Golden Lake is the ideal place for you to experience a classy lifestyle in the heart of the capital.

2. Coming to Dolce, you will experience?

– An international 5-star hotel system, belonging to the famous Wyndham hotel chain in the US

– Bringing the royal experience of the emperor to customers when using the hotel’s services

– Prime location, moving everywhere is convenient in the inner city of the capital.

– Being a partner of famous units such as Qatar Airways, Golden Lotus, etc.

2.1. Services and facilities at Dolce by Wyndham Hanoi Golden Lake

2.1.1 Golden infinity swimming pool

This is a favorite “check-in” spot for many people because it has a view of the entire capital.

2.1.2 Conference and meeting room

Dolce by Wyndham Hanoi Golden Lake owns 3 conference rooms with different capacities, serving all the needs of customers. The reception hall space of the rooms is spacious, you can set up decorations as you like. In addition, Dolce by Wyndham Hanoi Golden Lake is always available with sound systems, lighting, high-powered speakers, projection screens, and even LED screens to serve event requirements such as press conferences, conferences, or weddings. In addition, the hotel also owns a team of experienced set-up professionals, meticulous and meticulous in each event to help customers satisfy.

Detailed information about Ballroom: 

  • Phoenix Room

    With a total area of ​​540m2, Phoenix room can accommodate up to nearly 400 guests, suitable for weddings. The room can be flexibly divided into three small rooms, Phoenix 1, Phoenix 2, and Phoenix 3 with separate partitions.

    In a luxurious space, the Phoenix room is a suitable venue for large and small-scale events such as international conferences, weddings, and corporate parties.

  • Golden Swan Room

    Golden Swan Room has a total area of ​​145m2 and can accommodate up to 140 guests. The room is decorated in a theater style, the room can be divided into two small rooms, Golden Swan 1 and Golden Swan 2 with separate partitions.

    Golden Swan Room is fully equipped to serve seminars, press conferences, or small and medium-sized parties.

  • Peacock Room

    With an area of ​​​​nearly 240m2 and with a maximum capacity of 200 guests, decorated in a theater style, the Peacock room is the room with the smallest space. The meeting room can be divided into two small rooms, Peacock 1 and Peacock 2 with separate partitions.

    The Peacock Room can be used to host galas, seminars, and private parties

2.1.3 FIT27

Open from 6 am to 11 pm daily on the 3rd floor of the hotel, a separate gym with full equipment for visitors’ exercise.

2.1.4 Luxury Restaurants 

  • F29 Golden Beef Restaurant 

    F29 Golden Beef Restaurant is located in the famous gold-plated hotel Dolce by Wyndham Hanoi Golden Lake – a 5-star hotel right in the heart of Ba Dinh district – the heart of Hanoi’s capital. Enter the lobby, go to the right, you will easily see the restaurant.

    Luxurious space with high ceiling lights design, and warm tones from curtains and floor mats create a unique attraction for F29 Golden Beef Restaurant. The soft light of each lamp and candlelight makes guests feel completely comfortable when dining here. Outside, the table areas are also set up quite carefully under the eye-catching gold-plated arch, creating a unique highlight and a luxurious check-in place that is loved by customers.

    The famous gilded beef dish is completely imported: from Wagyu Tomahawk beef to the famous Ribeye beef tenderloin. Each piece of beef is carefully selected and skillfully processed under the talented hands of a skilled chef, creating a dish that makes the brand of F29 Golden Beef Restaurant!


    Not only the main dishes, but the desserts of F29 Golden Beef Restaurant are also plated with gold. Golden apricot cake with a sour taste; and immerse yourself in Hanoi specialties with “Golden Egg Cafe” in the restaurant’s very own style!

  • Majesty All-day Dining

    With diverse cuisine from Asia to Europe, Majesty All-day Dining restaurant gives diners inspiration to discover alluring dishes. Located on the 3rd floor of Dolce by Wyndham Hanoi Golden Lake hotel, this will be an interesting destination for diners who love to experience.

  • Golden Lake Palace

Golden Lake Palace Restaurant is one of the Chinese restaurants that are popular with domestic and foreign tourists. Located right in the heart of Hanoi capital – Ba Dinh district. Belonging to the 5-star Dolce by Wyndham Hanoi Golden Lake hotel system, diners can be assured of the quality. In addition, the restaurant is built with an open kitchen model, diners can observe the preparation and cooking process of the chefs right in the restaurant area.

The quality of cuisine in 5-star hotels is something that has always been appreciated by diners. The restaurant’s Chinese chefs are carefully selected and trained and have excellent skills in processing and cooking to bring diners the quintessence and the fullest culinary experience.

Therefore, chefs with a keen eye will select quality ingredients for processing. Food input is also a very important step to create delicious Chinese dishes for the table of diners.

Golden Lake Palace Restaurant has a system of private VIP rooms arranged to serve from 06-30 guests for Chinese meals. A room is decorated in a cozy private space, suitable for partner parties, birthday parties, and anniversaries, …

Because the number of VIP rooms is limited, please contact us to book in advance to be well prepared.

2.2 Several hotel’s room at Dolce by Wyndham Hanoi Golden Lake

High 27 floors with 3 basements, the hotel owns 342 rooms with many different segments depending on the needs of customers.

The entire interior of the hotel including the lobby, ceiling, moldings, elevator doors, … and the furniture in the room are inlaid with luxurious gold. Hotel staff said that to preserve the gold coating inside, they only use damp towels to clean, not using any chemicals.

2.2.1. Golden Deluxe

The hotel’s classic gold-plated room is 45-48m2 wide, equipped with a large bed covered with soft cushions with royal-style amenities.

Comfortable working space, modern mini-fridge, coffee maker, mattress bed, internet-connected TV, splendid bathroom with gold-plated equipment, bathtub, and standing shower. Free high-speed WiFi access.

2.2.2 Golden Executive 

The hotel’s 50m2 high-class gold-plated room is equipped with a large bed and soft mattress. Spacious room area with large windows overlooking the city, and amenities in royal style.

2.2.3 Premier Lake View 

The hotel’s luxury room is 46m2 wide and is equipped with a large bed and high-quality mattress. With stunning views of Giang Vo Lake and royal-style amenities, the Premier Lake View Room is the perfect choice for every stay in Hanoi.

2.2.4 Golden Suite 

With a spectacular view of Giang Vo Lake, the 78-square-meter deluxe room has an airy balcony, a spacious relaxing corner, a splendid bathroom with gold-plated equipment, a separate bathtub and sauna.

2.2.5. Penthouse with lake view

170m2 high-class roof-top apartment with luxurious interior design and a view overlooking the poetic Giang Vo lake.

Spacious living room, kitchen and dining room, dressing room, and stairs in the room. A gorgeous bedroom, luxurious bathroom with equipment, gilded bathtub, and separate steam bath. Free high-speed WiFi access. Use the business area for the right price.

3. Popular attractions near Dolce by Wyndham Hanoi Golden Lake 

3.2 Hoan Kiem lake

3.3 Ho Chi Minh mausoleum

3.4 Van Mieu – Quoc Tu Giam

3.5 West Lake